Answer me

On my knees, I ask that you please

Hear my desperate prayers and pleas

because this world is tearing me apart.

I am frantically trying to clutch on

To the little love left in my broken heart

But it is getting harder every day.

Please God! Tell me what I must pray!

How? Where? Am I getting it wrong?

Have you even been listening?

Because in the silence and the stillness

I have tried to wait for your patiently

But I have not yet felt your divinity

Intervening in my life.

Haven’t yet heard your voice weaving

Through the emptiness.

And Lord I feel lost in the shadows

A lost child

Beyond the reach of your love.


Like always, you catch me by surprise

In the darkness you shine a light

And find me; welcome me as your daughter.

You ask me to wait faithfully not fearfully

Because like always, you have hopes and dreams for me.

During the worse points, my faith always becomes a bit of a question mark. I wonder why God isn't really answering my prayers or why I feel so alone if God is always there? But I always seem to find that light again in unexpected ways. Answer me, in many ways, is a cry for help and it's accompanying piece, answering is the response.

Olu is a 23-year old British Nigerian woman. As a child, she struggled with speech and found a lot of comfort expressing how she felt through written words and drawing.